Who doesn’t love to sleep? There is nothing more satisfying than snuggling under the blankets and getting some shut-eye after a long, tough day at the gym and office. Obviously, you can’t think of anything else to do on the bed rather than sleep after working your legs off at work.

However, beds aren’t just made for sleeping; they are also a comfortable place for a handful of other activities. Sure, you can read a book, watch a movie, eat food, make your presentations/assignments on the bed, but there is still something more exciting and pleasurable to do on the bed – yes, that’s right, sex.

Beds are ideal for two things; sleep or having sex. Honestly speaking, a lot of people prefer the former. On the other hand, browsing through social media can also be an activity at night.

When it comes to the preferences of couples, they usually desire a mattress on which they can perform all the activities they desire, including sex. You can’t just walk into a mattress store and say, “Which mattress is the best for sex?”

Obviously, this subject can easily offend someone. Still, it is very important to consider how a mattress can have a huge impact on your sex life.

Whenever you plan to buy a new mattress that fulfills specifically your sex needs, then you need to keep some key aspects (other than how it will affect your sex) in mind before you make a move:

  • Does it offer the level of support you need?
  • Is it comfy?
  • Does it suit your bedroom décor?
  • Is it reliable?
  • Is it durable?
  • Does it offer a nice value?
  • Does it offer Proper Pressure Relief?

The above points are very important to keep in mind if you want to build a strong foundation for your mattress shopping journey.

Other Activities

Other than knowing what you want, you also need to decide what you will do on the mattress, rather than just sleeping. As mentioned above, a lot of people watch TV, read books/magazines, or do work on their mattresses.

If you are particularly in search of an adjustable foundation, then you should consider the reaction of your mattress when you perform those activities.

But, for couples, the most important activity to consider is sex or how the mattress responds to this particular activity. That is why it is important to know your options.

Memory Foam and Sex

The most prominent problem with today’s memory foam mattresses is that they lack energy responses. NASA is the engineering company for memory foam, and its function is to absorb the energy. However, this can be a bit disturbing during intimacy.

The level of bounciness in your mattress can have a huge influence on your intimate activities. Gel Foam or Memory Foam mattresses offer very low energy return levels, which makes people feel like they are sinking or feel like they are not able to move properly; this is known as the sinkage factor.

As a result, many people prefer not to have sex on their mattresses because the quality of the mattress is terrible. It can be very weird for some couples to find another place in their house to perform their intimate activities.

The most terrifying outcome can be marriage issues. However, some people consider it a lot of work to perform intimate activities on memory foam mattresses.

Perfect for Sex: Fabric Covered Coils

Fabric covered mattresses are pretty much ideal for sex. They provide the perfect amount of energy return. They are very durable; Offset or Bonnel coils do not work well when most of the weight is concentrated in one place.

With time, they break or sink in. When compared to knotted coils, offset works best, but still, they cannot fabric-covered coils.

Whenever you shop for a brand new mattress, make sure to give a gander to the energy return levels of the mattress.

To test that, you can’t start having sex on the display mattresses, but you can choose to roll around the mattress to see if it is a good fit for your activities. Consider the following questions when testing the mattresses:

  • Am I sinking too much?
  • Does the mattress reflect a “dead” impression?
  • Can I move easily?

The Better Sleep Council performed a survey related to sleep and as a result, a lot of people preferred sleeping over sex. So, the influence of your mattress on sex has a role in that situation. You can’t just buy a mattress without testing it, because that will end up in waste.

You can go with a quality-filled Marshal innerspring mattress, such as, Legget & Platt’s comfort systems that offer Quantum Edge Bend, which gives the perfect amount of bounciness and energy needed for your intimate activities. Other than that, they offer support, comfort, nice pressure release, durability, and great motion division.

There is no benefit in using foam beds; they often lead to a sinking feeling. However, innerspring mattresses offer a nice feeling for intimacy. The resistivity and comfort levels of innerspring mattresses are commendable for these kinds of activities.

You’re Sex Life: A Dead End with a Bad Mattress

We all know how a bad mattress can affect your sleep; it can turn you into a grumpy, less active, and disturbed person. But, the effects of a bad mattress on sex are just as terrifying as with sleep.

An uncomfortable mattress can lead to a lot of problems for those couples who are always getting into intimate activities. A dead bed can cause a huge drawback to your sex life. Moreover, it can also lead to fights and marriage problems. The only solution to that is a quality-filled mattress, particularly for intimate activities.

If there is no intimacy in the lives of couples, a very long distance in their relationship arises. So, if you want to save your sex life as well as your marriage, find a mattress that fulfills your sex-needs.


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