No matter how hard the human race has been on this plant, the number of people who care has started increasing now. And most of the people out there are looking for natural and green solutions to all their everyday needs.

As important as a mattress is in the life of a person, it is sad to know that the materials used in manufacturing a mattress and its foam are not very kind to our planet. This is where Natural Elements becomes relevant.

Natural Elements is a company that is determined to bring natural and less harmful alternatives to the conventional mattresses and they have pretty much started achieving their goal already.

They initially started off with producing latex material that uses natural materials but now they have also started producing mattresses with LFK and Innerspring or Pocket spring support systems.

What Makes Natural Elements Different?

The company claims that “Featuring a natural bamboo fabric and quilt wool paired with Dunlop Enduro foams, we have created a durable, comfortable and nature-inspired mattress”. Since they use 98 percent pure and 100 percent natural latex, they provide us with a very safe alternative to the existing synthetic options.

The materials used include natural latex, bamboo, wool and water-based glue combined with anti-microbial properties. When you know that you are sleeping on all these green alternatives of harmful chemicals, your sleep naturally becomes very comfortable, calm and soothing.


Every person has a different preference for sleeping mattresses and to cater to the needs of a huge customer market, Natural Elements has 3 main types of mattresses. These are LFK, innerspring, and latex. All three are made with the purest and harmless natural materials giving you a stress-free sleep every time.


LFK spring mattresses use a higher density and number of springs than the commercially available options. These provide your body with the best support from all around. LFK mattresses reduce the pressure points on your body making you feel very relaxed quickly.

You can get a slightly firmer and yet bouncy feeling when you lie down on a mattress made with LFK technology. The support that it provides to the body makes it perfect for people with back pain and sciatica.

It reduces soreness in the body and makes you wake up fresh every morning. This is most recommended for elderly people with joint and muscle pains along with lower back pains.

Pocket Spring

Pocket spring technology is the latest version of innerspring support where every individual spring is placed inside a pocket of fabric. This means that every individual spring can move on its own instead of a transfer of movement among the springs.

This is a great option for people who have a problem with sleep disruption due to the movement of their partner. A pocket spring prevents the movement from spreading throughout the entire mattress, giving you a sound and deep sleep without any disturbance.

The second great quality of a pocket spring mattress is that the movement of individual springs allows the mattress to conform to your body’s curves and give you the ultimate comfort while sleeping. It relieves the pressure from your body and gives you an ache-free sleep every night. 


Latex is the specialty of Natural Elements as a company. It is a highly resilient material that is produced 100 percent natural and has the ability to conform to our body’s posture. Natural elements make sure that the latex material is 98% pure and only the remaining 2 percent counts for the binders that hold the latex together in the mattress.

Latex is not only very strong but also has a very long life. It breaks down very slowly and provides excellent support to your mattress. Natural Element’s latex based foam is an example of ultimate comfort and durability. 

Final Thoughts

I believe that Natural Elements is not only doing a great job in manufacturing very comfortable and relaxing mattresses but they are also solving a huge problem of our times. Sustainable products are extremely important not only for the betterment of the planet but also because they have no harmful effects on our health.

They are free of petroleum-based products which makes them super environment-friendly products free from carcinogens.

Above all, the company gives you a number of choices so that you can choose the most comfortable product according to your personal needs. As for me, I recommend all the Natural Elements products because I am all in for conserving the planet and you should too!


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